About us

About us

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

WELD ON is a mobile company that is always near you. Our Office is in the beautiful town Pula in northern Croatia and board of directors in Sweden. Our global mind-set has a world view that spans over all industries, cultures and markets. We cooperate with several international companies where our customers and partners know that we are always up to date and follow the recent standardization. In this way, we can meet the large and demanding challenges of various projects in which we will always grow and excel under the slogan

WELD ON’s welders

WELD ON’s welders are a bunch of talented licensed welders acc to EN 9606-1 in welding methods MIG-MAG, MMA, TIG, etc. For quality assurance, we always follow the EN 3834 standards are today’s requirements for almost all welding jobs. Our experience ranges from simple assembly welding to shipbuilding. We are here to facilitate your workers when it becomes too much work, or entrust everything to us and we’ll fix it.

WELD ON’s partners welding specialist

WELD ON’s partners welding specialist services both internally and externally with all the necessary documentation acc to 3834 as WPQR and production of WPS data sheets if required. We obtain a diploma from the Swedish Welding Commission and certification in accordance 9606-1 for welders certificate.

WELD ON’s partners

WELD ON’s partners NDT experts are certified per EN 9712 in various non-destructive testing methods to verify that your product will receive quality. To detect internal defects visually in a weld or base material is impossible that’s why we use ultrasound. Small cracks on the surface is also difficult to detect and for that we use magnetic particle testing or penetrant.

WELD ON’s policy is to maintain customer integrity in mind. In addition to the quality of the work we deliver, the delivery time is an important part of our quality work. We stand by our promises!

* In the workplace, we should always follow the procedures and instructions required by the customer and general statutory work requirements. We must show our responsibility clearly and in this way prevent unwanted events from occurring, but also to manage them in a good way if unfortunate events occur.

*There is zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol!

*A pleasant and desirable work environment is an environment that is good to all employees so they can thrive and develop in their work. It is also an environment which involves the absence of risks. Therefore, an honest and open attitude prevails in the workplace, and all employees will be able to make a influence in their own work. We see that a good and pleasant working environment is one of the conditions for us to be productive and competitive, and to have more opportunities to recruit new qualified staff.